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first group of prototype ideas.  Thanks to those who suggested things from the post that started it.

Announcing Cards Against 40K.  I think I need help with my heresy.

(now I really should go work on my podcast tumblr for a bit)

"I feel the _______ over-taking me; it is a good pain!"

"Walk softly, and carry a big _______"

"From the ________, Omnissiah preserve us."

"Orks iz da biggest an’ da ________!"

"Ahriman - exile of the Thousand Sons - is on a millenia-spanning search for _________"

”_________ is the rightly-feared weapon of Kharn the Betrayer.”

"During the Great Crusade, the Emperor’s chief lieutenant was ______."

"During the War for Maccrage the entire Ultramarines First Company fell before the wrath of the _________."

I have so many ideas for this it’s unreal…

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